International Olympiad on Financial Security


The participation in the International Olympiad on Financial Security is available for:


Russian schoolers studying in grades 8-10 of general educational organisations at the time of the Preliminary (university) stage of the Olympiad


Students from Russia and the participating countries of the Olympiad studying at the time of the Preliminary (university) stage of the Olympiad for Bachelor (1-3 year), Specialist (1-4 year) and Master’s degree (1 year) programmes in educational institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation and partner countries.


Olympiad Profile: Financial Security

For schoolers

On the basis of the curricula of general subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Studies; taking into account division by 9, 10 and 11 grades.

For students

In the fields of study:

  • Jurisprudence
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Applied Computer Science, Information Security, Business Informatics
  • Economics, Finance and Credit, Economic Security
  • International Relations, Foreign Regional Studies


Official Language of Olympiad: Russian

Working Languages of Olympiad: Russian, English

Thematic lesson on financial security: March 2023

Invitation stage: 1-20 April 2023

Preliminary (university) stage: May 2023

Qualifying stage: September 2023

Final: October 2-6 2023
"Sirius" (Sochi, Russia)
Olympiad tasks of final stage 2023
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